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Digital Marketing

Learn SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimization, Analytics, Content, Mobile & e-mail  Marketing

Website Planning & Development

Create a new website for development in WordPress

Tally ERP 9 & GST

Learn Tally ERP 9 with GST to Upgrade your Accounting skills.

Advance Excel Course

Learn MS Excel from beginner to advanced. Learn best functions used in the  MS Excel.




Our aim is to make sure that all the aspirants successfully complete the course. On successfull completion of the course, we provide students with employment in their respective fields. This gives them a sense of independence after the course. Arham Academy’ started various Vocational Training centers where, professionally qualified trainers impart training on cost to cost basic on courses such as Good & service tax (GST), Spoken English, Advance Excel, Ms. Office (Basic computer), Graphic design, Digital Marketing, Stock Market, Mining (blaster, mate, foreman etc) etc. It also provides coaching for commerce subjects like: Accounting, Economics and Business Studies. Join us today to build a better career.

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She is an entrepreneur and in helps people promote their businesses online. She has successfully being training for last 7 years to more tha 10000+ trainees.





I learned about GST or GST filling from Arham academy and it's very helpful to me for my work and accounting field. I am heartly thankful to sonal ma'am to teach me about GST. I highly recommend the courses provided here


such an awesome privilege to be a part of Arham academy. the knowledge that I get from this institute are awesome. Best part of this institute is courses are 90 % practical so that it helps us to be professional fit after completing any courses. gratitude to sonal ma'am, thank you for providing us best teaching.


I had done my tally accounting and GST course from arham academy the best part about arham is that is not only focuses on academics it focuses on overall personality development of every student. Environment is so friendly that is enjoyed learning every moment. Teacherlike sonal ma'am makes learning fun. I highly recommend arham academy.


I got to know about Arham academy from one of my friend. after that i took a demo class by the mentor dr sonal singhvi. i started tally with GST course of around 2 months. it was really a good experience to join the course. it really has improved my knowledge regarding accounting and GST Dr. sonal singhvi is not only a good mentor but also a good human being. she has cleared all my doubts regarding tally and GST. currently, I am working as an audit, tax and account assistant. thank you so much for your mentorship.


well, my experience at Arham academy was very good. I nerve felt like i was going to an institute there is an environment of play and learn no force from dearest Dr. sonal singhvi she is very king and the way she teaches is very good. it felt my second home where I can learn something. I did digital marketing course and because of sonal ma'am I was able to learn really fast and in an easy way. now I’m a freelancer. I have also got my first freelancing project with the help of the institute


I met ma’am in pacific university. Right now, I am doing digital marketing under her guidance. This is the practical course and all the other courses at her center are also practical based. Now I find myself digitally skilled. Now people are approaching me for their website, logo and google my business page etc.


Ma’am you are the best teacher, best guide, best friend for me and for all your lovely student. I am really very happy to join Arham academy. Your nature, your teaching sense makes me feel comfortable. To meet you and joined Arham academy for a professional Digital marketing course. You are a different type of lady, I have never met in my life. I have completed 17 years of schooling and now I am in college but seriously I never met a teacher like you. I joined the course a little late but with your support, thank you so much for your support. Arham academy is a great institute, here underprivileged children are taught skill development. Arham gives useful things like books, stationary and many more things to them. I am happy to join Arham academy. Your students like Chetri maheswari, Tathagata singh deora and others help me in the best way. The atmosphere is safe and healthy for learning thank you so much Sonal ma’am, Arham academy.


Arham Academy is the best as compare to any other. I came into the course with very minimal knowledge of Tally and GST and have learned a lot of information that will be beneficial in the future and I have learned so much during the few classes that I have taken. In every class, I learned something new. I’m lucky enough to get trained from Arham Academy and, its helpful for doing my job. Thanks to sonal Mam for giving her efforts to trained us and gave us best support.


I have been studying here at Arham Academy from last 1 month and my experience is quite amazing and the training here is up to mark. The computer syllabus covers every aspect of the course and the teaching method is just good. The coaching is practical. I feel confident while using computers. I would like to recommend it to all. Step ahead of preparation…


I had done my basic computer course from arham academy. The training was imparted by Dr. sonal singhvi about computer basics. She is the best teacher, best guide and best friend for me and for all the student of arham academy. I learnt something new every day. The knowledge that I got from this institute is awesome. I was very lucky for be connected with them. The best part about arham is that it not only focuses on academics it focuses on overall personality development of every student and I enjoyed learning every moment. Gratitude to sonal mam, thank you for providing us best teaching.


I did my Tally with GST course from Arham Academy. I was mentored by Dr. sonal singhvi. Her teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. She helped me understand content of stock market and is one of the best lectures that I’ve had. Recommending her is a no brainer.


I am working in Delhi as a professional and earning a handsome salary. I give the entire credit to the Arham Academy. I graduated in science, and was not sure that I will be ever be able to earn a good salary. Even, I couldn’t figure out how to build my career. Then came across Arham Academy’s Tally and GST course. I was not in a financial condition to join, so requested for Emi scheme for payment of fees. I joined the course and it increased my confidence and knowledge. I feel happy to reach where I am today. I give entire credit to the institute for my success.


Sonal ma’am manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. She is patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate her student. She is great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills. I learn something new every day and I recommend Arham Academy to every student.


It was a great experience when I was connected to arham academy. I never met such an awesome tutor as sonal mam. When I joined arham academy I had just 1 or 2 months to complete my part 1 course. Then sonal mam helped me out to complete that in very short period. Before, I tried at different coaching institutes but they refused due to lack of time then I get to know about arham academy and I met sonal mam. At that time, I was very luck to connect with them. She is also a great motivator and her way of teaching is excellent. And also, there is very cool and frank environment is used to stay 6 to 7 hours there every day. Lastly, I am very thankful to sonal mam. I recommend arham academy to every student who wants to learn tally, digital marketing and many more courses.


I met Dr. Sonal Singhvi through a friend of mine. At that time, I was in search of a Tally instructor but instead I found a guide, mentor today I am a certified Tally accountant, a digital marketer plus I am a part time trainer at arham academy. All of this because I am with the right reason at the right time and I thank her for the confidence she built in me she carved an intellect out of me. With her I got to know so many things which I surely know will help me through all walks of my life. I have also learnt digital marketing from her. Now am working as a freelancer. Now I earning through both my skills. I feel gaining skills is very important.


I joined this institute to take training for Arham Academy for Tally and GST. My all over experience is very good. The knowledge given by Sonal Ma’am is very helpful to me and during training they solve all the doubts related the topic. I am now working in the medical industry as an accountant. The course is helping me build my career.


I went through an internship at arham academy about two months and it was great consulting work experience. To start, it should be noted that this was my first internship. I did not work experience, but was very eager to get it. I have gained such a wonderful experience during my internship, but what is far more important, I got thanks to such a warm friendly and sincere environment. Thank you to the sonal mam who interacted with me during my internship, for all your help and for the patience and attention you gave me. A big thank you as well for your kind smiles every morning which helped make the day better. If someone asked me about the ideal place for the first internship. I would recommend this institute without hesitation.


I just wanted let you know that the service provided, from registration to training was very positive experience for me. I intend on taking more classes in the future and referring any new hires as well as friends/ family members to take courses at arham Academy. This is an excellent course i.e., Tally with GST especially for professionals, but can also be applied in everyday life situations. The instructor is great explains the material clearly, with plenty of examples and practice. The method she introduces seems simple and highly effective, plus a lot of additional resources are provided to help student achieve a long-term change in how they perceive and give feedback. If I had to point out a single drawback, it is that the instructor mostly looks at the script and not the camera, whereas “eye contact” is plays a role in my opinion in establishing a connection with the viewers/ students. Overall, I consider this a great course, with a great instructor and I would recommend it to anyone